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1) How is your first impression when you first time meet our sale person?

2) How do you feel our tiler workmanship?

3) How do you feel our electrician workmanship?

4) Would you say that our sale person solved your problem or answered your question quickly slowly or neither?

5) How well did you feel sale person do the planning schedule?

6) Did the sale person finish the jobs according to the planning schedule?

7) How do you feel our painter workmanship?

8) How do you feel our plumber workmanship?

9) How do you feel our carpenter workmanship?

10) How clear was the information that our sale person provided to you?

11) How knowledgeable did our sale person seen to you?

12) How many of your questions/problems did the sale person at our company resolve?

13) How helpful was our company sale person?

14) Overall, how would you rate the quality of our workmanship?

15) Overall, are you satisfied with the sale person you received, dissatisfied with the sale person or neither satisfied nor dissatisfied?

16) How likely is that you would recommend this company to a friends or colleague?

17) How likely will you hiring our company to do renovation again?

18) Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?