Lily & Jay

Thanks for your help. Let me put in good words for you for your great service.

“Dennis and company did a wonderful job for a great makeover for my house which I’m really proud of it now.It’s really beyond words which I could express …but heartfelt thank, hence I strongly recommend to all my friends and relatives(as my best friend had recommended him to me)as for the great service and professionalism as nothing is as precious as trust,yet for all that I’m charge at a very reasonable price for the good value.
Once again thank you Dennis!”

Winnie Tay

“ Dennis is a very professional designer. He is very open-minded to new ideas and attentive to details. On top of all, he is amazing in how he manages his timelines to ensure that projects are completed as agreed.
Quality is an assurance in his project. Having dealt with many designers and contractor before, he really stands out amongst them.”


I had a good experience working with Dennis.  He was meticulous and patient even when I was indecisive. From our first visit to the site, he was able to point out various details on the building and renovation that I lacked the experience to anticipate.  Although the renovations were not complex, there was still a lot of planning and coordination for us both.  He also managed the subcontractors smoothly and kept me informed of their work schedules. Any changes to the schedule, plans and pricing of materials or services were discussed and transparent.  The completed works were according to expectations and satisfactory.  Since moving in, apart from some very minor items, there has been no need to call Dennis for remedial work.

Mr Lin

It was a wonderful experience working with Dennis for our home renovations. Patient and experienced, he took the time and effort to explain details including sharing the best approaches when dealing with living spaces. Being a first time home owner is not an easy feat, especially with the onslaught of decisions to make, but having a partner like Dennis to work with you during this period reminds you that the journey, though difficult, can still be beautiful. Thank you Dennis for being part of the creation of our beautiful home.

Djowie and Anna

We are absolutely delighted with our Contractor Dennis Koh for many reasons. As this was our very first owned home, we were very much particular with a few details. With Dennis, we need not say it twice, as he was rather attentive to the most infinitesimal of details. He was also very patient and accommodating as we changed our minds from time to time. For example, there was an instance we had to visit the tile shop a second time as we had to choose our tiles for the two toilets all over again. He provided excellent suggestions without being pushy at all which aided us to make wise decisions regarding our home. It has been a year now but every time we look at our home, we can’t help but grin from ear to ear, as we are just well pleased and highly satisfied with the outcome.
Thanks Dennis for a job well done.

Christina Lee

The contractor of this company is friendly and accommodative. His workmanship is good and even after payment, he is willing to rectify any faults incurred.

Desmond Koh

Dennis is a trustworthy, reliable and meticulous interior designer. Workmanship is good and price is reasonable. Me and my wife are satisfied customer of his and would definitely recommend our friends to him.